Part 3. Code of Conduct

Part 3. Code of Conduct


Bosco Summer Soccer is based on a set of principles. One of the key principles is participation according to a Code of Conduct. Many different groups of people are involved in Bosco Summer Soccer. It is incumbent on individuals in each of the groups to participate in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

The following points are common to all groups including players, Team Contacts, referees, supporters and spectators and Committee and must be upheld by everyone at all times:

All participants must:

  • Conduct their participation in accordance with Bosco Summer Soccer Rules including the Games Format, Rules of the Game and the Code of Conduct.
  • Conduct their participation in a fair and honest manner;
  • Conduct their participation in accordance with the Spirit of Bosco Summer Soccer whether it is explicitly stated or where it could be reasonably inferred;
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion;
  • Act in a manner that is considerate of the rights of the neighbouring residents;
  • Observe and abide by the rules relating to the licensing agreement for Bosco Summer Soccer in respect of the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages, including but not limited to requirement that no alcoholic beverages be brought on to the ground of Bosco Summer Soccer;
  • Not enter the ground if intoxicated and must leave the grounds upon becoming intoxicated or when directed by a Committee member;
  • Not engage in verbal abuse, intimidation, offensive language or behaviour, harassment or violence against any other player, team, Team Contact, referee, supporter, spectator or any official of Bosco Summer Soccer including any unofficial assistants; and
  • Not engage in activities which bring the Game into disrepute. Disrepute being a state or situation that is either in direct contravention with the Bosco Summer Soccer Rules or a state or situation that the Committee deems, or could be reasonably assumed to deem, as being against the principles of the Game.


In addition to the requirements of the General Code of Conduct all players must:

  • Play the Game in the spirit intended;
  • Play to the Rules;
  • Play as a member of a team;
  • Observe the referee’s rulings at all times;
  • Treat the referee with respect at all times;
  • If sentenced, abide by the sentence determined by the Judiciary Panel;
  • Acknowledge the responsibilities of the Team Contact and correspondingly show them due respect; and
  • Comply with any requests for assistance when asked by an official of Bosco Summer Soccer.


In addition to the requirements of the General Code of Conduct all Team Contacts must:

  • Be at least 18 years old when the competition starts;
  • Be the representative of, and on behalf of, the team they register;
  • Be contactable by the relevant Age Coordinator to receive information and to relay information to the Team;
  • Ensure that the relevant Age Coordinator always have your current contact details;
  • Comply with the requirements of the Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998 and Bosco Summer Soccer's requirements in relation thereto;
  • Report all incidents of any kind of abuse of minors to the Committee’s Child Protection Officer in writing;
  • Attend all matches or, if unable to attend, assign the role temporarily to another adult (18years+); Part
  • Ensure that all information concerning players is passed on to all players in the team, or their parents where the players are minors;
  • Ensure that information for the Committee is always forwarded through the Team Contact;
  • Only register eligible players in a team;
  • Only play registered players within the team;
  • Ensure that all players are as far as possible entitled to equal time on the field;
  • Ensure that no player is excessively played in an allocated position against his/her wishes;
  • Ensure that all pre- and post-match procedures are carried out;
  • Make every reasonable attempt to ensure that supporters and spectators behave in an acceptable manner, or to contact the Committee member on duty about any inability to deal with such situations; and
  • Not lend any player to another team; and
  • Not field a team until all fees have been paid in full.


In addition to the requirements of the General Code of Conduct all referees must:

  • Understand and apply the Rules of the Game;
  • Conduct the role of refereeing in an impartial and fair manner;
  • Respect and cooperate with the Referee Coordinator;
  • Wear the referee uniform including footwear as instructed;
  • Actively follow the play to ensure that all rulings are made from a suitable vantage point;
  • Must limit talking to either team to that which is just necessary to conduct the game and to explain a ruling if questioned; and
  • Carry out any referee related activities as instructed by the Referees Coordinator or Committee on duty.


Whilst a Code of Conduct for supporters and spectators is difficult to enforce, all parties have a duty to encourage them to observe Summer Soccer's expectations in terms of their conduct. In addition to the requirements of the General Code of Conduct all supporters and spectators must:

  • Behave in a sporting manner and acknowledge skill and achievement in a positive way;
  • Not enter the field while a match is in progress, unless called on by the referee;
  • Remain behind the spectator line, or remain at least 1.2 m away from the side line where it is not marked;
  • Not hinder or affect the game in any way even when behind the spectator line;
  • Not stand behind the goal line while a field is in play and remain silent if passing behind the goal of a field in play;
  • Not verbalise any player, referee, Team Contact, other spectator or supporter or any official of Bosco Summer Soccer so as to denigrate or victimise them; and
  • Not engage in any post-match activity that could be deemed to bring the Game or Bosco Summer Soccer into disrepute.


In addition to the requirements of the General Code of Conduct all Committee members must:

  • Carry out their roles in a diligent manner to the best of their ability;
  • Conduct their roles with support to agreed resolutions of the Committee;
  • Communicate any issue specifically brought up for the attention of the Committee;
  • Share knowledge of any issues brought to the attention for the Committee with other Committee members;
  • At all times act in an impartial manner with the interest of Bosco Summer Soccer set ahead of any personal objectives;
  • Declare and abstain from activities that involves, or could be seen to involve, any conflict of interests until cleared by the Committee; and
  • Support and uphold the Bosco Summer Soccer Rules including the Games Format, Rules of the Game and the Code of Conduct.


Summer Soccer would naturally prefer that there were no breaches of the Code so that application of rigorous and formal processes to deal with such issues can be avoided. With an optimistic expectation it is hoped that issues that arise will be resolved in an amicable way through the application of common sense and direct dialogue in the first instance, and that repeat offences do not occur.

However, where repeated failures to abide by the Code of Conduct occurs, or where there is an excessive occurrence of issues attributable to an identifiable group or individuals then the matter will be investigated by the Committee to determine the appropriate measures to be employed to remedy the situation.

Notwithstanding the above, where a failure to observe the Code of Conduct is deemed to be sufficiently severe, even as a first offence, the matter can be taken directly to the Committee for investigation and resolution.

As the Committee may not always be aware of incidents as they occur it is incumbent of all participant too keep the Committee aware of breaches of the Code of Conduct so that issues can be dealt with appropriately and in a timely manner with minimum disruption to affected parties.


Incidents of failure to comply with the Code of Conduct that are either noticed by Committee members, or those that have been brought to the attention for the Committee, will be investigated by members of the Committee. A panel consisting of the President, the relevant Age Group Coordinator, one other Age Group Coordinator and two other Committee members will then investigate, discuss and determine the matter. In their deliberation the panel will consider the evidence presented and any history prior to the incident.

Where the matter is referred to the Judiciary, a panel consisting of the affected Age Group Coordinator and two other Age Group Coordinators and the President shall hear the matter. The judiciary panel will base their deliberation on the evidence presented. A player before the Judiciary Panel may not resume playing until so advised by the same panel.


In determining the ruling all panels will base their determination on the severity of the offence, the related circumstances and previous rulings in similar circumstances. The ruling may result in any one or more of the following:

  • A caution;
  • A suspension;
  • Loss of Competition Points for the match in question;
  • Deduction of Additional Competition Points;
  • Expulsion of one or more individuals; and
  • Exclusion from invitation to participate in future competitions.


The rulings of the Committee and the Judiciary Panel shall be final with no rights to appeal.

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